Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Troubleshooting Septic Problems

2 Signs Your Septic Tank's Pump Is Failing

by Max Wagner

Lately, you may have noticed the strong odor of sewage either while you are standing outside or even smell something coming up through your drains. If you believe that it has not been too long since you last had your tank cleaned out, you may be wondering what could be causing the issue. If so, look for the following signs that the septic tank's pump is failing.

1.  Sewage and Wastewater Start Backing Up Into Your House

One sign that your septic tank has a failing pump is when you start seeing sewage and wastewater backing up into your house. The pump's job is to facilitate the emptying of the sewage line into the tank.

If the motor is starting to burn out, however, it will no longer be able to fully empty the pipes. Because of this, the sewage will follow the easiest path and start coming up through the drains in your house.

A tank that is simply too full could also cause this issue. The main difference between an overfilled tank and a failing pump is that overfilling will cause a gradual backup into your house, while a failing pump will seem as though it came on relatively sudden.

2.  Wastewater Starts Pooling on the Ground Above the Tank

Another sign that your septic system's pump is starting to go bad is that you will notice wastewater starting to pool on the ground above the tank. Even if it has been a while since the last rainfall, the ground will stay saturated and the gray water will collect.

If the pump's failure is caused by a crack in the casing or the connection between it and the pipes, the water will leak through and contaminate the soil around it. As the soil adjacent to the pump becomes saturated, it will eventually make its way to the top.

However, pooling wastewater could also be a sign that either the tank itself is leaking or a pipe has cracked. You would need to have a professional inspect the system to determine the actual cause of the wastewater leak.

While the above signs could be indicative of an overfilled or leaking septic tank or a failing pump, either problem needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Contact a local septic service to have them check the tank level as well as the pump so that the appropriate action can be taken.


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Troubleshooting Septic Problems

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