Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Equipping Your Outdoor Festival For Personal Hygiene: Three Options To Consider

by Max Wagner

Outdoor festivals that last more than a day may find that hygiene and sanitation conditions can become dire quickly. By providing ways for visitors to tend to personal needs, you can help everyone stay comfortable and help prevent the spread of germs. You may already have plans for portable toilets, but there is more you can do for festival attendees. Here are some options to consider as you plan your multiple-day festival event.

Portable Showers

If your festival has a camping site attached, consider renting portable shower trailers from a company like AAA Pumping Service. These trailers are equipped with running water and other amenities you might find at a hotel. Visitors can clean up after a long day in the hot sun, and they can also use the space to brush their teeth and tend to other personal needs. Some shower trailers also come equipped with restrooms inside, providing a nice break from traditional portable toilets. Work with your rental company to determine how many trailers you will need based on your expected attendance, and consider renting trailers that have more than one shower to accommodate larger crowds.

Hand-Washing Stations

Adding hand-washing stations near portable restrooms is a smart option, but there are other places where these rental items can come in handy. For example, setting up hand-washing stations near food pavilions makes it easy for guests to wash away germs before eating. Placing them near the camping site can also provide added convenience for guests. You may also want to add several near the areas where food is prepared for increased sanitation. Your rental company can help you brainstorm additional ideas for placement throughout your festival grounds.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand sanitizer can provide a great way to prevent the spread of gems at your festival. With many people living together in close quarters throughout your event, it's important to make sure that hygiene and sanitation get the attention they deserve. Think about places where hand sanitizer might come in handy, such as near trash cans, rest rooms, dining locations, and even areas where merchandise is sold. Placing hand sanitizer dispensers at regular intervals throughout your festival can encourage people to keep their hands clean before touching shared surfaces. This can help prevent germs from spreading from one person to many in a short period of time. Be sure to ask your rental company how to refill the dispensers, and also consider ordering extra refills so you can keep them all stocked every day of your event.


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Troubleshooting Septic Problems

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