Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Improving Your Bathroom: Three Plumbing Issues To Tackle

by Max Wagner

Not all plumbing issues are emergencies. In fact, some plumbing issues boil down personal preferences and comfort. If your bathroom plumbing isn't working for you, there are some quick changes you can make. Here are a few common bathroom plumbing problems you can fix to make this room a favorite in your home.

Low Shower Water Pressure

Having your shower faucet release just a trickle of water can be frustrating, but there are a few steps you can take to improve the pressure. If you have a water-restricting shower head, consider switching it out. There are many different types of shower heads on the market that let you choose between a light rainfall sensation to a high-pressure shower. You can also have your plumber check the curbside water main and the main water supply line. In some cases, the valves may not be open enough to allow a desirable amount of water pressure. If this is the case, you'll likely notice poor water pressure throughout all the fixtures in your home.

Running Toilet

Running toilets can be annoying, and they can cause your water bill to go up. They can also be more difficult to flush properly. If your toilet is constantly running, or if you believe it's running for longer than it should, take a look at the toilet tank. You may find that the flapper isn't closing all the way, or you may even find that the chain for the flapper is no longer attached. Many issues that cause running toilets can be easily fixed with a replacement part. However, if you find that your efforts have not stopped the problem, consider calling in an expert plumber to help.

Poor Water Temperature

Not having a hot enough bath or having a shower that's too hot can prevent you from enjoying a bit of "me time" in your bathroom. You can fix the temperature range by adjusting the hot water heater. The hot water heater should have a temperature adjustment feature, which lets you change the maximum heat for the water coming into your home. In some cases, you may find that the previous owner limited the temperature too much. You may also find that the limit was too high, making the water temperature potentially dangerous. If your bath fixtures seem to only have extremely hot and extremely cold settings, talk to your plumber about having them replaced. An old fixture may be more difficult to adjust, leaving you feeling less than comfortable whenever you shower or bathe. You can even have a digital shower temperature control fixture installed that gives you pinpoint accuracy when choosing a temperatures.

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Troubleshooting Septic Problems

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