Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Buying A New Restaurant Building? Be On The Lookout For These Signs Of Sewer Problems

by Max Wagner

Cleaning floors, several public toilets, numerous sinks in the kitchen and restrooms—all of these are reasons why the average restaurant relies on their sewer system a little more than the average residence. Buying a business building that is anything other than new for your restaurant means you have to do a lot of investigating of the inner working functions, and the sewage system is definitely one thing you don't want to miss before you make an offer. To make sure you don't buy a new building for your eatery and end up with the last owner's septic headaches, there are a handful of signs of sewer problems you need to be looking for while you check out your prospective locations. 

There are ugly stains surrounding floor drainage areas. 

Floor drains are bound to get dirty and must be kept clean to prevent them looking scummy and being a major pest attractor. However, the perimeter around the drain on the actual flooring should not look grimy and stained. If you're walking through a building and spot ugly stains on the flooring around the drains, it could mean that standing water has been an issue in the past, and this almost always points to a sewer drainage issue. 

You catch a whiff of a telltale odor throughout the building. 

If there is one odor that is identifiable in an empty building, it is the stench of sewage. A modern sewage system beneath a business building should have good baffles that are designed to keep odors from backtracking their way back into the building. Therefore, if you smell sewage when you walk in the door, it is likely that either the baffles have deteriorated or there is standing sewage in the drains that never actually made it to where it should've gone.

The toilets in the building are not flushing properly. 

Most business buildings are outfitted with high-efficiency toilets that use ample air pressure to push toilet contents swiftly down the drain with  flush of the handle. However, if there are issues with the sewage and septic system, no amount of efficient pushing and pressure is going to make the toilets flush as they should. Check every toilet in the building and see if it has issues pulling the water in the bowl out of the tank. If there are signs of obvious hesitation or even refusal to flush at all, you are probably facing sewage drainage issues down below. 


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Troubleshooting Septic Problems

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