Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Troubleshooting Septic Problems

Selecting a Kid-Friendly Portable Toilet for Your Camping Trip

by Max Wagner

If you are planning on taking a camping trip with children, chances are that the question "where will we go to the bathroom?" will come up. If you do not own a recreational vehicle or if the camping location you are visiting does not have bathroom facilities available, consider bringing along a portable toilet for the occasion. This convenience will be appreciated by all who are vacationing in your group. Here is a run-down of some of the types of portable toilets available. You can use it to help you select the best type for your children's needs.

Traditional Potty-Training Unit

If you are bringing a toddler on a camping trip, they will most likely fare best with a training toilet. If they are in the potty-training phase or if they have recently gone through it, they will be delighted to be able to use their old training equipment, as it will be familiar to them. The downside to this type of toilet is having to clean it out after each use. To make this easier, insert a plastic bag in the container before your child uses the toilet. The bag can then be removed and thrown in a waste receptacle or stored in a container to dump into a flushing toilet at a later time.

Non-Flushing Camping Toilet

Portable toilets that do not flush can be used if you plan on camping overnight or for a few days. The waste will collect inside a container attached to the bottom portion of the unit. Crystallized powder bags are inserted into this container to neutralize any odor. As waste is collected inside, the powder will turn into a gel-like solution. The bag can be removed and thrown in a trash can, since it is biodegradable. A new bag can then be inserted into the toilet. This option works well with children who are afraid of flushing toilets.

Flushing Toilet Unit

If you are planning on camping with several people or for several days, a flushing portable unit may be a better choice. This has a freshwater container attached to the unit to allow for a flush after each use. The waste will collect in a bin under the unit and will need to be detached so you can flush the contents down a standard toilet when it becomes full. If your children are older, this is a great option to avoid the embarrassment of toilet usage, as no waste will be smelled or seen after they use the unit. A flushing toilet unit works much like a real toilet, only on a smaller scale. It will be necessary to make sure the toilet is kept upright and secure in your vehicle while you are bringing it to a facility for waste disposal.

For more information about portable toilet options, consult a company such as RCS Inc.


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Troubleshooting Septic Problems

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